Nioh 2, rilasciato l’aggiornamento 1.07

Nioh 2 aggiornamento – news di Pietro “OnlyApples” La Selva

Team Ninja ha rilasciato una nuova patch per Nioh 2. Si tratta della patch 1.07, e notiamo dunque che la 1.06 è stata completamente skippata.


Non si tratta di una patch particolarmente corposa, soli 68 mb, perlopiù bug fixing e bilanciamento della difficoltà, andando a modificare alcune sottomissioni ed alcuni mob che erano capaci di shottare il giocatore.

Ecco la lista del changelog completa:

Ver 1.07 update

  • For the following submissions, mainly the enemy appearance timing and difficulty in single play
    The desire of the blacksmith The
    greedy hunter
    Sumimata ghost catcher The viper
    and the butterfly
    sword The
    strong flame is high and the
    spider is broken and the
    fire god calls
    Closed dream
  • Partially mitigated the power of attacks where enemies other than the boss could be killed by a single shot even at a level higher than expected
  • Mitigated a part of the Shibata Katsuie, which was very difficult to avoid
  • Increased drop rates for recipes and secret books
  • “Difficulty” is added to the search conditions of “Ichigo Ichie” (* Displayed when the difficulty is released)
  • Added “Accessories” tab to “Refresh”
  • Added support to initialize setting values ​​in “HDR Advanced Settings”
Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where resetting non-Semi-Young skills would return the level of the Half-Young skill “Everyday Eater” to 1
      Applying this update would result in over-consuming the level of the Half-Young skill “Everyday Eater” Skill points return to the correct value
    • Fixed a bug where after resetting a skill with “Martial arts customization skill” set to martial arts, the customization skill was still set after resetting
    • Fixed a bug where “teaware” acquired in a training place mission would disappear after the mission was completed
    • Fixed a bug that could cause existing recipes that had not been passed to the blacksmith to drop again in the training ground mission
    • Fixed an issue where the number of items sold did not increase even if the skill to increase the possession limit of consumable items was acquired in “Kokurei no Jakuta City”
    • Fixed an issue where when selling an item in “Kura”, twice the specified number of sold items would be sold
    • Fixed a bug where the appearance of certain melee weapons would be reversed when equipped with “Wakamushi Medium Armor Torso”
    • Fixed a bug where the main mission “Tsubasa in Kagonaka” would not be able to pass dungballs to “Dungojo who likes dung”
    • Fixed a bug where the bell could not be hit in the multiplayer of the main mission “Bell of the Dead”
    • Fixed a bug where in the boss battle of the main mission “Wait at the Exit”, the darkness could not be released even if the gimmick was destroyed at a specific timing
    • Fixed a bug in the main mission “Golden Castle” in multiplayer boss battles, where the energy would not be reduced to 0 and did not go down even if the conditions were met
    • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be unable to progress in multiplayer of the submission “Wandering Cat”
    • Fixed a bug that the treasure chest that could not be acquired on the mini map was displayed in the submission “Jewels of the God of Fire”
    • Fixed a bug where Amrita could not be obtained when destroying bosses in the Training Field Mission “Shougan Kamari”
    • Fixed an issue where “Biwamaki” near the company could cause “dead madness” when worshiping at the company
    • Fixed a bug where bathing in a hot spring in a wet state would not release the wet state
    • Fixed a bug where if a certain youkai died of poison while moving on a ladder, the ladder might not be able to go up and down
    • Fixed a bug where the NPCs accompanying them may not be able to be rescued if they fall from a cliff at the same time as their health becomes 0


    • Fixed a bug where the sword martial art “Ranjinken” did not have the effect of the martial arts customization skill set to “Kenki”
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Taita Martial Arts “Bubukiyuki” to lose energy before being activated
    • Fixed a bug where the effects of equipment and customization skills were not effective for the hatchet martial art “Kigami Top”
    • Fixed the bug that the customization skill of the martial arts was not applied when the effect of the mystery was activated on the “ Tayama Departure Yin / Yang ” when setting the mystery of the hatchet “ Exquisite Throwing ”
    • Fixed the bug that the flight time was not extended when the mystery effect was applied to “Dragonfly 2” when the mystery of the hatchet was set with “Exquisite Throwing”
    • Fixed a bug where a hatchet’s “Knitting” attack sometimes did not result in a knitting
    • Fixed a bug that was not effective even if you set a martial arts customization skill for Naginata Kama Martial Arts “Monthly Nagigi”
    • Fixed a bug that Naginata-Kamatakegi’s “Inversion” and “Inversion” could be issued by a specific operation even when skills were not acquired
  • Other minor bug fixes

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